‘Amendments to production process’ … ‘Pfizer’ announces …


The American “Pfizer” group, in partnership with the German “Biontech” laboratory, announced today, a “plan” that would allow to reduce the delay in the delivery of vaccines against the emerging corona virus to only a week, at a time when Europe fears a slowdown in the delivery of doses for “three or four” Weeks “.

The two companies said, in a joint statement, that “Firees and Biontech have developed a plan that will allow to increase manufacturing capabilities in Europe and provide a greater number of doses in the second quarter” of the year.

“We will return to the basic schedule of deliveries in the European Union, starting from the week of January 25, with an increase in deliveries starting from the week of February 15,” they added.

The two groups noted that “in order to do this, some adjustments to the production process are necessary.”

“Pfizer” and “Biontec” warned Friday, unexpectedly, that they would not be able to deliver to the European Union countries, until the beginning of February, the agreed quantities weekly.

Berlin has talked of reducing the pace for a period of between “three and four weeks”.

In their recent statement, the two companies stated that their plant in Pors (Belgium) “will witness a temporary reduction in the number of doses produced next week.”


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