Amending the procedures for dealing with Corona in government agencies in Ajman – localities – health


The Department of Human Resources in Ajman issued a circular to all government agencies in the emirate regarding the amendment of the procedures for dealing with the “Covid-19” pandemic, for Ajman government employees, to be implemented as of next February 2, as all Ajman government employees must undergo a nasal swab examination. (PCR) every seven days, at the employee’s own expense, with the exception of employees who received two doses of the “Covid-19” vaccine.

The issuance of the circular comes in line with the directions of the United Arab Emirates government in dealing with the pandemic, limiting its repercussions, and preserving the health of employees within a safe work environment, and based on the Executive Council Chairman Decision No. (7) of 2020 regarding effective crisis management in the Ajman government, and later Circulars issued by the Human Resources Department regarding contacts, precautionary measures and preventive measures.

The circular urges all government agencies in the Emirate of Ajman to implement the procedures received, which concern their employees and employees of outsourcing and public services companies, as well as those of consulting services and expert houses that deal with them, as employees must perform a nose swab examination (PCR) every seven days, at the expense of The private employee, with the exception of employees who have received two doses of the “Covid-19” vaccine, and employees who obtain a medical report or certificate approved by the official health authorities in the country, indicating that they cannot receive the “Covid-19” vaccine, according to their health or disease condition , Provided that they perform a nasal swab examination (PCR) every seven days, and government agencies shall bear the expenses of conducting the examination in this case.

With regard to employees of outsourcing companies, public services companies, and other companies that are contracted with by government agencies (current and future), a nose swab examination (PCR) is performed for their employees who are present, or who will be present on a daily basis at the workplace of the government agency, each Seven days, at the expense of those contracted companies or their institute.

Employees returning to the country from abroad, according to the circular, must apply quarantine until the results of the examination appear, and commit themselves to conducting a “Covid-19” examination upon arrival at the state’s land, and if the employee’s examination results are positive, he is subject to sick leave, according to the rules established for calculating Sick leave indicated in the Human Resources Law and its executive regulations, and in the event that the employee’s examination result appears negative, he must start work the next day after the result appears.

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