Amazing youth voices in the first season of “Iraq Idol”


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Elaf from Beirut: Dazzling Iraqi youth voices and promising talents, dreaming of stardom and achieving the opportunity to appear and shine in front of the audience. They chose to start from the first season of “Iraq Idol” on “MBC Iraq”, where they stand in the presence of a jury consisting of three Iraqi stars: Hatem Al Iraqi, Rahma Riyadh and Saif Nabil, while the program was presented by Mays Anbar.
Thousands of voices participated in the first tests from a group of Iraqi cities, such as the capital Baghdad, Mosul, Basra, Kirkuk, Najaf, Karbala, Sulaymaniyah and Erbil, before they auditioned for the three stars Hatem Al Iraqi, Rahma Riyadh and Saif Nabil, provided that only 12 of them qualify. To the stage of direct performances. After auditions that extend to two episodes, voting for the participants begins at the end of the second episode, and continues throughout the period of direct performances, until the final episode in which one participant crowns the title.

Hatem Al Iraqi: We are trying to present something nice for the future of Iraqi song
The artist, Hatem Al-Iraqi, promises that “the audience will follow different colors and diverse and promising voices, with enthusiastic participants to deliver the Iraqi song in its many colors, and thus they will present a beautiful flower bouquet,” hoping that “they will achieve success and reach the goals they set in mind.”

The Iraqi is distinguished by being the most understanding of the subscribers, as he finds justifications for them and asks to give them a second chance, if their first song in front of the committee does not find a good echo, he says that “fear sometimes prevents the participant from sleeping, and confusion affects his performance, and I know how difficult it is to see his artistic life and his launch into a world Stardom is linked to this moment, so we give him a second chance, to show his potential, especially since we have superhuman voices. He adds, “Through my experience and the experience of the youth who are with me on the committee, we are trying to present something beautiful for the future of the Iraqi song.”
Al-Iraqi advises participants who have not had any luck in moving to direct performances, saying that “life continues, and you are still in the early days of your youth and you will find more than one opportunity during which they can broadcast your talents, while I ask those who qualified for direct performances to take care of themselves and their votes because the responsibility is great on Our responsibility and our goal is to present the Iraqi song in the best way. “

Rahma Riad: I realize the extent of the responsibility. I will listen, feel and choose talents.
Rahma Riad asserts that “the promising artist is struggling to prove himself among all artists in the Arab world,” pointing to “my family’s continuous support for me, helped me overcome losses in talent programs I applied to, it taught me persistence, and to take care of myself and my voice.” She expresses her happiness to be part of the talent program that explores the promising Iraqi voices and future stars in them, noting that “the first contact with” MBC Iraq “regarding” Iraq Idol “brought unspeakable joy to my heart. Riad explains, “I realize the size of the responsibility to be part of the jury of the talent program, and I know that great artists criticized when they were placed on this site, so how was I who only 12 years ago entered the artistic community, but I want to say that I grew up in an artistic home,” I claim that I have a musical ear, and I am not a music teacher, but an artist, and I represent the Iraqi girl. I will hear, feel and choose the talents that will qualify from one stage to another. ” Regarding her cheerful personality in the committee, she says: “I am a troublemaker in life, and I only know that I am, and I hope to represent the Iraqi artist beautifully.”

Saif Nabil: Selected criteria for participants based on their musical culture, presence and appearance
Saif Nabil stresses “the difficulty of the task entrusted to us, in light of strong voices present with us in the program, and participants who have studied music and arts, which increases the difficulty of choosing between them more and more,” pointing out that “Iraq is a birth, and it is constantly promising talents and we hope that we will succeed In the tests so that we can deliver the best among the participants who will be the future stars in Iraq and the Arab world. ” Nabil considers that “Iraq is a country rich in art, and its people love rapture, originality and poetry, and it is certain that we will find the talent or talents that are worthy of this program, and because it is designated only for Iraq, this means that only Iraqis have the opportunity to excel and present their best.” Nabil affirms that he is difficult in his choices of talents that will complete the journey, noting that “the criteria for choosing the participants are based on their musical and artistic culture, and that they be charismatic.” Regarding his arrival today to sit at the table of the talent jury despite his young age, he confirms, “I got tired of this technical advice, and went up the stairs step by step. I sang and sang, and my songs met hundreds of millions of follow-ups.”

Miss Anbar: A program dedicated to Iraqi talent only.
Miss Ambar, whom the viewer knows through the women’s talk shows, explains, “I am happy to meet the audience today as an presenter for the” Iraq Idol “program, and to receive shocks with the participants who are disappointed when they are rejected by the jury, and to live the moment of victory with those who were accepted and moved to the shows Direct “. She added, “Talent programs have multiplied, and for the first time in the Middle East there will be a program dedicated to Iraq only, and this means that this country possesses wonderful talents of various materials and voices, and it is certain that” Iraq Idol “will blow up the world.”


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