Amal Arafa responds to a follower who wished her death, what did she say?


The Syrian artist published Amal Arafa Through her official account on “Instagram”, a group of pictures from the director’s funeral Hatem Ali A few days ago, describing the funeral as a sad wedding, Amal said in her comment on the pictures: “It was a wedding, but a sad wedding … I close the graves of Syrians in the new year, O God, all Syrians inside and outside (what a harsher expression) …”.

Amal added, “I was watching this big scene from a angle relatively far from the crowd, but I was in the midst of it with a heart, soul and sentiment, and I hope bitterly … that the Syrian will return alive and not carried on a coffin ….. O Syrian, we are inevitable that we will be brothers, whatever the losses. Pain .. Hatem Ali remains with us .. My condolences to your wife, the lawyer Dala Al-Rahbi, and to your children, Amr Ghazal Ghalia. “
The post and the photos that Amal published won the admiration of a large number of Amal’s colleagues, including Asala, Shukran Murtaja, Nazli Al Rawas and others.
But what is remarkable is the comment of one of the observers who wished death to Amal Arafa, who wrote a comment in which he said: “May God take you to Him.” Amal responded to the comment, where she wrote: “I am long and there is no happier than meeting my Lord, being sure that I am not afraid of death.”
Amal had attended the funeral of the late director Hatem Ali, in which a large number of Syrian artists and artists participated.

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