Al-Riyadh Newspaper | “Vaccination passport” … the way to travel in the era of Corona


“Vaccination passport” … the way to travel in the era of Corona

The Corona era has changed a lot in our world, and it seems that the traditional passport is not out of this change, as the so-called “health passport” will be part of our lives in the coming years, and moments after his arrival at the White House, the new US President Joe Biden called to impose Those coming to his country with a free certificate from the new Corona virus before leaving their country, and then subject to quarantine upon their arrival in his country, and Britain is also considering tightening measures to enter its territory.

Economic analyst Clara Ferreira Marquez says in a report published by Bloomberg News: that although such preventive measures are long overdue, they are at the same time an acknowledgment that the return of trouble-free travels is still several months away. This is partly due to the fact that the emerging corona virus is still spreading rapidly, with the emergence of a new, faster-transmissible strain that may be more lethal, while progress in providing anti-vaccines has not kept pace.

In addition, while great hopes relate to the existence of the so-called vaccination or immunization passport, which indicates that its holder has either received a vaccination against the virus or has immunity thanks to his recovery from the disease, research and studies are still unable to determine the form of this passport that can be relied upon. on him.



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