Al-Riyadh Newspaper | More than 81 thousand beneficiaries of the services of Irada and mental health complex in Riyadh


More than 81 thousand beneficiaries of the services of Irada and mental health complex in Riyadh

The Irada and Mental Health Complex in Riyadh provided services to (81918) beneficiaries during the year 2020 AD, and the total number of visitors to the outpatient department reached (50858), while the emergency department clinics of the complex received (31060), while (2,294) patients were admitted and discharged (246) ) From them after receiving the necessary health, psychological and rehabilitative care.

The field teams of the home health care program in the complex registered (10773) home visits, from which (802) patients benefited. The complex also provided social services to (25,744) beneficiaries, while (4,368) patients benefited from psychiatric rehabilitation services, and psychological services (4,135). Patients, and the Family Counseling Center provided services to (12573) beneficiaries during the past year.

The volunteer hours for the community participations of Irada and Mental Health Complex in Riyadh reached (287) voluntary hours, while the number of training activities attended (23903) beneficiaries, including (684) trainees from external beneficiaries.

The complex’s executive director, Dr. Muhammad Al-Qahtani, explained that the complex achieved various performance indicators, as the average waiting time for patients in emergency was (20:22) minutes, and the average length of admission for patients was (47) days, while the rate of re-admission within (90) days was only 7. %, Stressing that the past year 2020 witnessed many achievements, as the complex obtained the ISO (9001-2015) certificate in general maintenance as the first mental health complex in the Kingdom to obtain this certificate, and the complex also obtained an institutional accreditation certificate from the Saudi Commission for Health Specialties. In addition, a project to communicate with patients and their families via private messages was implemented in the “Twitter” application, and an agreement was signed to establish a building for the Child Psychiatry Center and Developmental and Behavior Disorders. The complex also won the first place in improvement projects in Riyadh.

And he indicated that the complex, in light of the Corona pandemic, implemented many initiatives for virtual training, including the initiative to develop and train virtual technical cadres, and the initiative of educational and knowledge lectures for the health cadre and the virtual community, where (27) lectures were carried out in which (22424) trainees participated, 62% of them are females. Of (13918) trainees, 38% of males (8,506) trainees, and (3156) medical staff attended these lectures, (5767) nursing staff, (1038) pharmacists, (3287) psychologists, and ( 4521 social workers, in addition to (1296) health staff, (1021) administrative, and (2338) interested people, while (106) trainees participated from outside the Kingdom, of whom (38) were from the Gulf countries, and (55) From Arab countries, and (11) from some Asian and European countries and America.

Dr. Al-Qahtani added that the complex implemented the Rapid Intervention Team initiative (drug services), as the number of services provided reached (7596) services, including (2,146) drug delivery services, (3369) counseling and guidance, (128) video calls, in addition to ( 1953) a data update service, while the number of medicines via Saudi post reached (1450), and the complex received (4192) phone calls to request the medicine, and (447) messages via the “WhatsApp” application, and it also received (1507) calls from the center to patients. In addition to (1450) requests from corrections and rehabilitation centers.



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