Al-Nasr Club news: Horvat decides Martinez’s final position in supporting Al-Nassr against Al-Ittihad


Martinez – Al-Nasr – Saudi League

Saudi 360 – Decisive, Croatian Aline Horvat, interim coach of the team VictoryThe position of Argentine Betty Martinez, the star of “Al-Alamy”, to participate in the upcoming Al-Ittihad confrontation, in the Prince Mohammed Bin Salman Professional Cup League championship.

Martinez excluded from Al-Nassr and Al-Ittihad

According to sources “Saudi 360”Horvat has disqualified Martinho from an expedition Victory Departure for the city of Jeddah, today, in preparation for a confrontation the Union.

Sources explained “Saudi 360”Horvat’s decision to exclude Martinez from the list Victory To compete in the Al-Ittihad match, it comes to his desire to give the player a period of rest after the injury he suffered recently.

In the same vein, a team mission left Victory To the city of Jeddah, this evening, after Horvat concluded his preparation for the match with group training in the afternoon, where he imposed a number of technical and tactical sentences in the midfield, during which he focused on the possession of the ball and the exploitation of the edges of the stadium.

Martinez suffered a bruise in the lower chest during his participation with Al-Nassr against Al-Wahda yesterday, and left the field in tears in the 26th minute, in the match that was held in the 14th round of the Saudi League, which ended with a 3-1 global victory.

Date of the next victory match against Al-Ittihad

Al-Nasr is preparing to be a guest at its Al-Ittihad counterpart in the Clasico of heavy disgrace, tomorrow evening, Sunday, at Al-Sharaea Stadium, as part of the fifteenth round of the Saudi Professional League.

A match starts Victory With its host Al-Ittihad, at 5:40 pm Cairo time, 6:40 pm Mecca time, and 7:40 pm Abu Dhabi time.

Team occupies the Union Fourth place in the Saudi League table, with 24 points, followed by a team Victory In seventh place with 20 points.

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