Al Hilal Club news: After the Emirati performances … Lucescu’s decision settles Bahabri’s fate with Al Hilal


Hattan Bahbari – Al Hilal – Saudi League

Saudi 360 – Today, Thursday, press reports revealed that the Romanian Razvan Lucescu, the coach of the team, has decided Crescent moonHis position on the departure of Hattan Bahbari, the star of “the leader,” during the current winter transfers.

Bahbari constantly sticks to my bahbri with Hilal

And according to the Saudi newspaper Al-Riyadiah, Lucescu confirmed his adherence to Bahbari’s persistence, during his meeting with the football department at the club. Crescent moonIn winter, to determine his technical needs in Mercato.

The Saudi newspaper stated that Lucescu blocked the road to Emirati and local clubs that want to contract with Bahabri during the current period.

The Saudi newspaper indicated that Bahabri will continue his football career with Crescent moon In the current season, and he aspires to achieve more local and foreign championships in the current season, after he contributed with his colleagues to achieve my championship; Like the King, the Saudi League 2020, and the 2019 AFC Champions League.

And there have been reports over the past few days about the desire of the Emirati duo; Al-Nasr club in purchasing the entire Al-Faraj contract, and Al-Fujairah Club in obtaining the player’s services on loan.

Bahabri, 28, joined a team Crescent moon In the summer of 2019, he is coming from the youth, and he has a contract with the “leader” until February 2022, when he will enter the free period next August.

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