Al Gergawi: Open data enhances competitiveness and fosters a sustainable economy


Dubai: “The Gulf”
The Federal Competitiveness and Statistics Center held a ceremony honoring the winning government agencies and the distinguished entities in the open data race. It is an innovative initiative among the projects supported by the UAE government; To enrich the culture of open data, and to enhance the official digital platforms; To be an approved source for open data and its publication in accordance with international standards for data dissemination, and 13 government agencies participated in the race, which managed during a record period of 50 days, to present 277 open data sets covering 30 vital sectors in the country; Such as education, health, infrastructure, economics, energy, gender balance, food security, and more.
Mohammed Abdullah Al Gergawi, Minister of Cabinet Affairs, said: “Open data is of great importance in enhancing the competitiveness of the UAE and in its journey towards an intelligent and advanced knowledge economy, and confirms the interest of the wise leadership in the UAE in adopting transparency in government work, by providing open statistical data. Through the official electronic platforms of government agencies as an urgent necessity that would contribute to supporting the economy and investment, and providing researchers, the media and members of society, official, approved data on the various vital sectors in the country as it is considered an essential element in the development process in its various paths.
He added, “Data has become an integral part of the foundations of developed economies and the elements of investment in knowledge. It represents the cornerstone of economic and social development strategies and plans adopted by advanced governments.”
The Minister of Cabinet Affairs attributed the great leap that the UAE recently made in data-related global competitiveness indicators to the distinguished collective effort made by government agencies that participated in the open data race; Where the country made an unprecedented leap in the “Open Data Storage (ODIN)” report for the year 2020, which was issued by the Open Data Organization and included 187 countries around the world, achieving a leap of 51 places at once to occupy the 16th position in the world.
Abdul Rahman bin Mohammed Al Owais, Minister of Health and Prevention, said: “The UAE government’s strategy is to publish open government data; To enhance transparency, establish accountability and evaluate performance. Open data also helps in increasing the efficiency of resource use and designing channels; To deliver services according to the needs of customers, as well as creating more jobs that depend on data analysis. In addition, open data helps in making decisions based on specific data on the state’s public policies, identifying development opportunities, encouraging innovation and stimulating scientific research to achieve sustainable development goals. He emphasized that the Ministry is continuing to enhance the competitive capabilities of the health care sector in the country, and to achieve sustainability in health services, through the development of policies, procedures, medical protocols and best international practices.
On the Ministry of Health and Prevention winning first place in the open data race, Al Owais praised the deserved achievement that is added to the Ministry’s record of prestigious awards as a fruitful result of implementing the best initiatives and innovative solutions. To enhance the principle of transparency; And facilitate access to data, as it contributes to enhancing the country’s competitive capabilities and its continuous progress in global indicators. He stressed that open data is part of the digital transformation process and represents a national wealth that is being used in a sustainable way in the process of planning and developing policies and strategies that aim to develop health services, and is the focus of the road map for the health system with future standards.
For his part, Omar Sultan Al Olama, Minister of State for Artificial Intelligence, Digital Economy and Remote Work applications, said in his speech while honoring the winners of the race: “The UAE government supports innovative initiatives that strengthen partnerships between the government, private and society sectors, noting that the data race Open; It is considered one of the initiatives based on consolidating partnerships, promoting a culture of disseminating open government data, and embodies the principle of transparency in government work.
He continued: “The UAE government adopts an open data policy to support and accelerate the digital transformation process, given what this contributes to raising the efficiency of resource use, taking advantage of opportunities, and paving the way for the implementation of successful projects in the field of artificial intelligence to serve society, and create more jobs that depend On data analysis ».
He praised the vital role played by federal and local government agencies, and private sector institutions in achieving the vision of the leadership by continuing to develop and improve the infrastructure for the data and artificial intelligence sectors, supporting initiatives for exchanging data and statistical information, making open data available through official electronic platforms, and encouraging research and development in the field of data science. And advanced technology.
Honoring the winners
Omar bin Sultan Al Olama honored the winners of the first round of the open data race, the results of which were as follows: the Ministry of Health and Community Protection ranked first, the Ministry of Community Development won second place in the race, and the Ministry of Justice achieved third place in the race.
He also honored the distinguished categories during the race, which are: the Ministry of Education for the most creative entity, and the award for the most influential entity went to the Ministry of Interior, while the Ministry of Energy and Infrastructure won the award for the most cooperative entity.
Ministry of Health and Prevention
On the Ministry of Health and Community Protection winning first place in the open data race, Dr. Hussein Abdulrahman Al-Rand, Assistant Undersecretary of the Ministry said: “Despite the privacy surrounding the year 2020; As a result of the events that it has gone through, the Ministry of Health and Community Protection team was up to the responsibility in all fields, and praise be to God the Ministry led with an honorable performance in the race and in various fields as well, in the crisis of combating the Covid-19 pandemic, the Ministry’s teams were at the forefront of volunteers, workers and community guides to overcome these The crisis is based on the wisdom and vision of the wise leadership, and the ministry’s belief in the necessity of providing the largest possible number of open data packages according to internationally recognized standards, as they are beneficial to researchers, the media and members of society; Our efforts have culminated in that the Ministry’s team participating in this race takes first place, and we hope to maintain this ranking in the next round of the race »
“Community Development”
For her part, Hessa Tahlak, Assistant Undersecretary for Social Development Affairs at the Ministry of Community Development, said that the ministry achieved second place in the open data race: The development and advancement of society requires building on a rich ground of information and the selection of qualitative experiences and practices that enhance the quality of life of society in all its groups, and achieve Sharing data with institutions, researchers, media and individuals for the benefit of the individual, family and society.

Ministry of Justice
Commenting on the Ministry of Justice winning third place in the open data race, Counselor Dr. Saeed Ali Bahbouh Al Naqbi, Acting Under Secretary of the Ministry said: One of the most important strategic directions of the Ministry of Justice is to spread culture and legal information to all segments of society. Through multiple and innovative communication channels, and to ensure the spread of this type of culture, it must be strengthened with an added value, which is the data that makes the picture complete and adequate for researchers, scholars and all those interested in legal affairs to be able to compare texts and laws with their real effects on the UAE society.
Second period
In her speech during the honoring ceremony, Hanan Mansour Ahli, Acting Director of the Federal Center for Competitiveness and Statistics welcomed the attendance and thanked the efforts of the work teams and expressed her pride in the role that the center played with our partners in government agencies to promote the culture of publishing and making open data available in the country.
In her speech, Hanan Ahli announced the date of the start of the second round of the open data race in mid-May 2021, and expected a wider participation from all government agencies in the race in its next second round.
277 data packets
On her part, Latifa Saleh Al-Shehhi, Head of the Smart Data Department, Department of the Future of Data, at the Federal Center for Competitiveness and Statistics, Director of the Open Data Race, said: The “Open Data Race” adopted a dual approach by collecting more available data and improving data availability elements; Where the entities participating in the race published 277 open data packages through the Bayanati portal (, in which the Federal Center for Competitiveness and Statistics is responsible for managing and updating its open data system. To comply 100% with international data dissemination standards.


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