Al-Faisali cuts the road on the Crescent in the “Qasim Deal”


Press reports revealed the position of Al-Faisali club regarding the departure of the football first-team back, Mohamed Qassem, during the current winter transfers.

The name Muhammad Qasim was linked to Al Hilal’s desire to sign the player during the winter transfer period, amid media reports of Al Hilal’s desire to include Qassem to be a substitute for Yasser Al-Shahrani in the event of injury or suspension.

An official source at Al-Faisali club stated, during statements to Al-Riyadiah newspaper, that the club’s management does not look at verbal conversations or what is mentioned on social media, indicating that the Al-Faisali administration heard the name of Muhammad Qasim a lot, but did not pay attention to this matter without formal negotiations.

This comes in light of Muhammad Qasim’s approach to entering the free period with Al-Faisaly, after about 7 days, where the player has the right to sign for any club without returning to Al-Faisaly management.


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