Al-Ahly loses 10 days


Al-Ahly loses 10 days

Jeddah – Meshaal Al-Otaibi

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The absence of Syrian Omar Al-Somah, Al-Ahly striker and his goal, was confirmed from participating with his team for 10 days, after the medical examinations he underwent proved his need for rest and treatment due to the injury he suffered during the confrontation with Abha last Tuesday.
Al-Somah underwent an x-ray examination of the site of the injury, which showed the presence of a tear in the connective muscle and required rest and treatment for ten days before returning to training, and thus he will be absent from facing the agreement in Dammam on Sunday, in the fifteenth round of the Mohammed Bin Salman Professional Cup League.
His absence from Al-Batin’s match may extend to the sixteenth round on Sunday, January 31st.
The historic goal-scorer in the professional league was injured in front of Abha in the last minutes of the match that brought the two teams together in the fourteenth round, which Al-Ahly won by three, and Al-Somah scored two goals.


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