Akhbar Al-Youm – The first agreement between Putin and Biden despite the tension


Urgent news. Today’s news – the first agreement between Putin and Biden despite the tension, the source of the news – dw with details of the news. The first agreement between Putin and Biden despite the tension:

Today’s news – The new US President, Joe Biden, consulted with his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin by phone, in the first contact between them since Biden took office, and raised with him several files that are at the heart of the tension between the two countries.

White House spokeswoman Jane Saki said today (January 26) that US President Joe Biden “called Russian President Putin in the afternoon with his intention to discuss our intention to extend the Newstart Treaty for five years,” referring to the bilateral disarmament treaty that ends It took effect at the beginning of February, adding that the aim was “also to repeat our firm support for the sovereignty of Ukraine in the face of the continuing aggression by Russia.” Biden also expressed concern about the “poisoning” of Russian dissident Alexei Navalny, who was arrested in Moscow recently after his return from Germany, where he was in recovery.

For its part, the Russian “Kremlin” presidency said that Russia and the United States have agreed to extend the New START treaty for nuclear disarmament. The Kremlin said the two countries exchanged diplomatic notes to agree to extend the agreement.

President Vladimir Putin has referred a bill providing for the extension of the NewStart Russian-American Treaty on the Limitation of Nuclear Weapons for five years to the Russian Parliament.

This comes after the first phone call between Russian President Vladimir Putin and his US counterpart, Joe Biden. The two sides had previously announced their willingness to extend the latest disarmament agreement, which was due to expire at the beginning of February, for a period of five years.

The New START (Strategic Arms Limitation Treaty) came into effect in 2011 and established a deal between the United States and Russia that would place controls on weapons stocks and allow for inspections.

The Group of Seven countries, one of which is the United States, condemned Tuesday in a joint statement the “political” arrest of Navalni, calling for his “immediate and unconditional release.” Saki explained that among the issues raised by the US President also included “interference in the 2020 elections” in the United States, the recent massive cyber attack on US ministries, which Washington attributed to Moscow, and information that Donald Trump played down its importance in terms of Russia paid “bonuses” to members of the movement Taliban with the aim of killing American soldiers.

Saki added to reporters that the president “intends to state clearly that the United States will act decisively in defense of our national interests in the face of harmful acts of Russia.”

A.S. / FY (AFP, DPA)

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