Ajman University is the first recipient of a Microsoft grant in health research – UAE – Education


Ajman University became the first institution in the United Arab Emirates to win a Microsoft grant for artificial intelligence in the field of health research, as it subsequently obtained more than one million dirhams, and was chosen to be added to the list of 150 institutions worldwide, which were awarded prizes for projects related to fighting the epidemic. Global.

Dr. Karim Al-Sagheer, Director of Ajman University said: “Ajman University has a strong commitment to strengthening the foundations of innovation and social impact, and this grant is consistent with the values ​​of our pioneering institution, and the rapid progress that has been made through Microsoft’s initiative will enable our researchers to identify sustainable solutions to address the Corona epidemic. », And providing appropriate and timely information to policymakers, in a manner that ensures them to make data-based decisions, all in order to reach better protection for communities, cities and countries.

The number of Microsoft grants for artificial intelligence in health research reaches 72 to 68 organizations in 20 countries, 27 of which were awarded in 2020.

For his part, Ahmed Amin Ashour, Head of Education at Microsoft Emirates, said: “Since the launch of the Artificial Intelligence for Health initiative, artificial intelligence and data have helped improve public health for people and societies, all over the world. With the wide scope of computing and open data, it has become possible Doing what takes months in a matter of days.

Grantees, and partners such as Ajman University, have gained access to AI technologies from Microsoft, and these resources have contributed to accelerating the rate of achievement of their research, and this work is part of Microsoft’s commitment to fighting the pandemic, as we support distance education initiatives. For students around the world, we are enabling companies to work from home, securing essential medical supplies, and supporting local communities. ”



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