Ahmed Siyam: I changed my way of acting because of Tamer Hosni and Mai Ezz El-Din … and I got angry at a scene with Reham Hajjaj news


The artist Ahmed Siyam is a guest on the program “Al Masaa with Quswa”, presented by Qaswa Al Khalali on TeN Channel.

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Ahmed Seyam explained that he enjoyed working with a number of young artists, including those who changed his perceptions of acting, such as Tamer Hosni and Mai Ezz El-Din.

He added that he liked the way Tamer Hosni and Mai Ezz El Din represented in the first part of the “Omar and Salma” series of films because of their chain-style acting without restrictions, and he decided to try to imitate their style, and then had the opportunity to co-star in the “Adam” series and try the same way of performing with them. And enjoy the experience.

Ahmed Siyam revealed his enjoyment of acting with a number of actors such as Ahmed Rizk, Ahmed Zahir and Amr Youssef, as well as Muhammad Ramadan, who enjoyed his participation in the championship in a series and a movie, and the scenes of the work were very good.

Issam indicated that during his cooperation with Amr Saad, he found that he had a different way of thinking and was interested in the details of the personality and the way of making it up, while he saw that Amir Karara showed how good his heart was during his appearance on the screen, so by reaping people’s love.

Ahmed Siyam confirmed that he loves to work with Mahmoud Abdel-Mughni and enjoys the understanding that exists between them as soon as one looks at the other, which makes each of them put their touches on the scene smoothly without any defect in the dialogue.

Ahmed Siyam touched on his criteria in choosing roles, saying that he rejected several roles due to ethical standards, which he believes was not a correct decision, such as presenting the character of a notorious person, because he will not be able to present a character that he rejects within him.

Seyam mentioned an example of the opposition of his ethical standards with introducing the characters, with a scene in the series “Younes Ould Fedda”, where he embodied the character of a Saidi man, and the scene was taking place in the hospital and collected by Braham Hajjaj, who embodies the role of his daughter and Amr Saad who embodies the role of Yunus. It includes a romantic conversation between Yunus and the daughter, which he completely rejected and was very angry, which forced director Ahmed Shafiq to contact the author Abdul Rahim Kamal and request that the dialogue be modified in the scene.

He added that he had spoken with the author by phone and tried to inform him of his objection that it was not logical that someone flirted with the daughter of a Saidi man while he was, but Abd al-Rahim Kamal insisted that the scene be that way, and he filmed the scene while he felt shy and not convinced of the dialogue between Yunus and Safa, which was reflected on The screen, and then he realized that what had happened was what was required, for the father to appear dissatisfied with the dialogue taking place before his eyes.

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