After weeks of absence from the social media, Basil Khayat returns with new pictures and his series “Shadow” outside the Ramadan 2021 drama season (photos) – Mada Post


After weeks of absence from social media, Basil Khayat returns with new pictures and his series “Shadow” outside the Ramadan 2021 drama season (photos)

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Syrian star Basil Khayyat, following his Instagram followers, shared two new photos, after 3 weeks of absence from social networking sites, and he commented on them by saying: “Not everything in mind is said.”

Khayat’s last post on social media was the mourning of the late Syrian director Hatem Ali, then the late Egyptian scriptwriter Wahid Hamed, who was only a few days apart from their departure.

Khayat was recently busy filming the series “Shadow”, to join the Ramadan 2021 drama race, but the epidemic conditions and the closure imposed by the Lebanese state – the location of filming – prevented the completion of filming, so the work went out of the season.

Basil Khayat
Basil Khayat – Internet

He remained outside the Ramadan 2021 drama race

The company that produced the “shadow” series was forced to stop filming the series, and cancel the sales contracts for six Arab stations that had agreed with them to offer work in the Ramadan 2021 drama season.

The company was afraid that it would not be able to finish filming the series at the agreed time, especially with the imposition of the closure in the Lebanese capital Beirut, which would incur heavy additional losses and prevent it from implementing the working conditions in the manner it deems appropriate and appropriate.

It is noteworthy that the series “Shadow” was designed by Saif Reda Hamed, written by Zuhair Rami Al-Mulla, and starring: Basil Khayyat, Youssef Al-Khal, Ghassan Masoud, Jesse Abdo, Haya Marashli, and others.

Basil Khayat .. who is he?

Basil Khayat A famous Syrian artist, he was able to become a registered art brand; Not only in Syrian drama, but also in Egyptian and Arab drama in general, he was distinguished by embodying complex characters with high craftsmanship, so he was called the Joker of Arab drama.

Khayat started his artistic career at the age of eight, when he participated in the children’s theater with the artist “Hamza Abu Ali”. Acting became his first passion, so he joined the Higher Institute for Dramatic Arts, which failed his exams the first time.

Artist Basil Khayat presented dozens of works between theater, cinema and television. In the last ten years, he performed remarkably in a number of series, including: the Syrian series “Beyond the Sun”, the Egyptian series: Friendly Fire, My Way, 30 Days, The Trip. In the joint Arab drama, he presented the series: Love of Women, Tango, the writer, the sculptor.


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