After the Haret Hreik municipality announced the numbers of injuries … a request from the Ministry of Health for those who want to undergo a Corona examination


The media office at the Ministry of Public Health issued the following statement: “After the municipality of Haret Hreik announced that the casualty figures that are included in the daily schedule of the Ministry of Public Health are doubled from the number of injuries within its scope, the Ministry is interested in clarifying that the detailed daily schedule data on the numbers of injuries in various Lebanese regions It is based on what the Ministry receives from the results it receives from the laboratories in the various Lebanese regions, as it has been shown that these laboratories in some cases depend on the place of work and not the place of residence, according to what the person concerned declares.Accordingly, it was confirmed, through contact with the Syndicate of Laboratory Owners, that the testimonies of those conducting the tests at their place of residence and not their work, were confirmed, in order to ensure the accuracy of the data during the registration of the numbers of injuries on the one hand, and to facilitate the tracking and investigation campaigns carried out by field teams of the Ministry of Public Health on the other hand.

In any case, regardless of the information overlapping, the most important lesson today remains in the commitment to prevention that brings safety to all cases. “


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