After the episode of hunting foxes, Reham Saeed raises controversy again with the episode of Our Lady of the Dogs – with video


After a while the uproar caused by the Egyptian mediaRiham SaidIn an episode of her program “Sabaya al-Khair” in which she talked about “hunting foxes,” where during the episode she presented a report on hunting these animals, which sparked a great wave of anger against her because of her accusation of mistreating the animal and stopping her program and referring it to investigation. New After the presentation of a new episode of the program, in which it reported on a visit by an Egyptian woman who raised a large number of dogs.
During the report, Saeed spoke to the woman who was working as a flight attendant before her retirement, and her house appeared without furniture, and she justified that because dogs destroy everything, but she accepts what they do for her love for them.
A large number of followers attacked Saeed for this report, because of the way she spoke with the woman, after she repeated the question that she raised dogs because she had not had children, as well as her talk about the smell of the house and how she can bear it.


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