After the death of Ghadiz … big changes for the series “The Daughter of the Ambassador”


Amman-tomorrow- After the Turkish actress Neslihan Atagul announced her withdrawal from the series “Daughter of the Ambassador” due to her illness, news spread that her illness is fatal and her condition is dangerous, and that she retired from acting, which made her appear in a video through her account on “Instagram”, in which she said: “Hello everyone, firstly. I thank you thousands of times for your letters, support, visits, gifts and invitations. You are so nice, you didn’t leave me, thank you very much. As you can see, my condition is not considered bad, I am fine, I needed to rest a little, so I will rest for a while, but I am fine. ”

Neslihan’s disease, a leaky gut syndrome, is a rare disease that affects the intestinal wall due to excessive intake of antibiotics or severe malnutrition, which may cause undigested food particles and types of bacteria to leak outside the intestinal wall into the bloodstream, resulting in severe inflammation.

Neslihan was finally showing signs of fatigue and fatigue, and her weight decreased significantly, which posed a threat to her life and forced her to stop completing the filming, based on the doctor’s order.

Neslihan’s sudden illness and its withdrawal confused the production company, which always imposes huge sums of penalty on the main protagonists in any business, so that they are not suddenly withdrawn, which causes heavy losses.

However, the production company and in front of Neslihan’s disease had nothing but to wish her recovery, and accept the status quo, especially since she obtained a medical report.

She was replaced by her colleague Tuba Buyukston, but she will not replace her with the role of Fire, but will continue the work with a new character and a different story.
The cancellation of the character Nara from the series, which bears her name, as she is the daughter of an ambassador, angered the audience, who demanded to change the name of the series from “Daughter of the Ambassador” to another name, and they wondered how his name would be “The Daughter of the Ambassador,” which is not present after the end of her story. This prompted the producing company to study the possibility of changing the name of the series, whose story will be completely changed.

Although “Star TV” did not display any advertisements for the next episode, which will be shown tonight, the new episode has not been postponed and will be shown on time.

After Neslihan withdrew, one episode was shown without her, and Buyukston will appear in the new episode that will be shown this week, as she mentioned through her account on “Instagram” in a live broadcast.

And still, the promotional “poster” of the series still includes the pictures of Neslihan Atagul and Engin Ikurek. Actor Ozar Caigilar, who plays Drew Gediz, will leave the series for the next episode.

The end of the character will be death, as the funeral scene was filmed.

It is noteworthy that Tuba’s acceptance to join the series cost the producer a lot, as Tuba paid 3 million Turkish liras for the fees for the rapid transfer of the series, in addition to her wage for each episode of 200,000 Turkish liras.


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