After the Beirut bombing, Syrian businessman George Haswani denies his connection to the issue


The port of Beirut after the explosion, the Internet

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After the media reports about his relationship with the port explosion # Beirut Which occurred on August 4, 2020, Syrian businessman George Haswani gave an interview to Reuters, during which he denied any connection to the explosion that struck the city’s port, killing nearly 200 people.

Earlier, Haswani’s name was mentioned in Reuters reports, after it became clear that the “HESCO” company for engineering and construction works, which was owned by Haswani, had links to the company that requested the shipment of chemicals that exploded in the port.

Meanwhile, Haswani denied any connection with his company, and considered it a “fabricated media whirlwind.” He also confirmed in his speech that he had not received any communication from any of the investigators regarding the explosion, whether from Lebanon Or from any other state, and he explained that he will file a lawsuit in Paris Soon, against media reports linking him to the explosion.
He also continued his speech, confirming that he is carrying out his life normally and habitually, because he knows that he has nothing to do with this topic. As he put it to the agency that conducted the meeting with him at his home in the Syrian capital # Damascus.

It is noteworthy that George Haswani is considered one of the most important businessmen active in the oil sector, and he is close to the Syrian authorities. Economically in Russia since 1992, Haswani is one of the Syrian businessmen listed on the US and European sanctions lists, due to the oil mediation he carried out, which is believed to have been between the Syrian authorities and ISIS during the latter’s control over large areas of Syria and Iraq.


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