After her statements about “treachery of the companions” … here Zahid comments on the crisis of H.


6:20 PM

Thursday 07 January 2021

I wrote – Yasmine El Sharkawy:

The artist here Zahid was keen to support the artist Houria Farghali after her recent statements about her health and the abandonment of a large number of her friends from her during her crisis.

And through the “short stories” feature of her Instagram account, Zahid posted a picture of Horeya Farghali and commented on it: “The beautiful inside and out.”

Houria Farghali had said in a phone call to the “Evening DMC” program, during which she said: “I was shocked when I met the people who had been with them all along and had worked with them for 10 years and stood beside them. They stayed not beside me .. I thought they loved me.”

Houria continued: “I lost confidence in myself as an actress, because no one appreciated my work and my work, and it was difficult for me to do myself, and I decided completely farther and I do not want someone to see me except when I return my first dress, because I am older and I am 44 years old now .. but he is so happy that I know Correct people and lonely people, this is a harsh lesson and I learned from it. ”

And she went on: “I was Miss Egypt in 2002, and I don’t want people to differentiate between my looks before this, and now, and by saying God is my suffice and yes, the agent in all those who bully me .. I am now breathing from the rest and I cannot taste food and lose the sense of smell and taste.”


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