After her recent statements provoked her, Lucy attacks Rania Youssef


Follow-up – Rana Youssef

The actress Lucy broke her silence after Rania Youssef’s controversial statements and her pride in the beauty of her body, and she replied: “Our Lord evacuates plastic clinics … no one is thankful for himself in this way.”

Al-Watan quoted the actress, Lucy, her statements: “Rania Youssef is free and says what she wants, but we have to respect the viewers a little, and take into account that we are in an eastern society, not an open society that allows people to say these statements in the media.”

Lucy refused to describe Rania’s recent statements as an offense to the artistic community in general, saying: “This statement is not true at all, every person bears responsibility for himself only, and if he makes a mistake, he bears his guilt, as the public is well aware of each artist well.”

She referred to the lawsuits of some lawyers, who submitted a warning to Dr. Ashraf Zaki, the captain of the representative professions, regarding her removal from the membership of the Syndicate, against the background of those statements, stressing that the matter is not worth it: “She erred in the right of herself and was wrong in some way. ».

It is worth noting that the lawyer Nabih Al-Wahsh sent a warning on the hand of a reporter to the artist Ashraf Zaki, the captain of the acting professions, regarding the removal of the artist, Rania Youssef, from the membership of the Syndicate, after her recent and controversial television interview.

He said that Rania Youssef contributes to spreading immorality and immorality among the public, accusing her of contempt of religions and mental illness, stressing that in his communication submitted against her, he demanded to the investigation authorities the necessity and speed of depositing her in the psychiatric and mental illness hospital, and stopping her from acting until she is fully cured. According to him, he believes that it is not suitable for representation at the present time.

The artist, Rania Youssef, had sparked widespread controversy at the beginning of this month, after she conducted a television interview with the journalist Nizar Al-Faris, presenter of the “Al-Fares” program, through the Iraqi Al-Rasheed channel, in which he defended the views that appear in the film festivals and various artistic forums, as he asked her The announcer about the secret of her appearance at the closing ceremony of the forty-second Cairo Film Festival, and she wore a dress that highlights the charms of her body, saying: “All the actresses are like that, but I can have a distinctive back.”


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