After Hanin’s participation in “Aladdin’s Misbah” … what did the children of “Moh” win


3:09 PM

Wednesday 27 January 2021

Books – Mustafa Hamzah:

In his latest appearance with one of his sons in the clips of his songs, the artist Mohamed Ramadan presented his latest songs, “Misbah Aladdin”, with the participation of his daughter, “Hanin”, who received the attention of the pioneers of the communication sites.

The artist Muhammad Ramadan began appearing with his children with his songs last July, when his son, Ali, participated with him in the clip of the song “Corona Virus”, and the announcement of his appearance was met with some negative comments that reached the point of bullying his son, before turning into a broad support campaign .

The crisis began with the artist Muhammad Ramadan publishing a photo from the scenes of filming the song on his Instagram page, and he wrote: “I taught my son Ali how to sterilize his room in the Corona Virus clip … the song within a few days on my official YouTube channel.” For a follow-up, she wrote: “As black as his father’s, the misfortune is that what happened to his children was not the beauty or color of their mother.

For his part, artist Mohamed Ramadan responded, and wrote: “I am proud of my color and the color of my father and my children, whom our Lord created. It is simple that my children will rise against racism, and the evidence is that their mother and father are different colors from each other.”

After her appearance, with the participation of her father, the artist Mohamed Ramadan in the clip “Aladdin’s Lamp,” “Haneen” raised a wide controversy after answering some of the audience’s questions through the “story” feature on the photo and video site “Instagram”. She responded to a follower who asked her about her love. To art, she said, “I don’t like acting,” and another asked about her desire to sing like her father, saying: “No, no, no.”

“The Lamp of Alaeddin”, written by Ahmed Al-Malki, composed by Muhammad Yahya, distributed by Diesel and Wissam Abdel Moneim, directed by Muhammad Salama, and executed by Show Media Production by its owner Mahmoud Al-Sheikh, Director of Photography Wael Darwish, Interior Engineer Mark Wajih, Stylist Raghda Hilal.


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