After dozens of deaths among the “vaccinated” … Norway clarifies what happened


And the Norwegian Medicines Agency explained, that there is no evidence of any direct relationship between Mortality The elderly who have received the vaccine, and between the vaccine that is being given in the country to be immunized against infection.

وتحاول Norwegian Agency To dispel the fears that cause panic, and the perception of the vaccine as a very dangerous matter, especially among believers in the conspiracy theory.

This explanation came after 33 people over the age of 75 years died, and since they passed away after a short period of taking it The vaccineTheir deaths have turned into “controversy” and rumors.

The agency stated that the elderly who died recently took the vaccine, but they were suffering from many other diseases, and in a very critical stage of health.

The medical director of the Norwegian Medicines Agency, Stenar Madsen, confirms that the “Covid 19” disease is much more dangerous to the patient’s health than receiving the vaccine.

These reports were circulated, amid widespread interest, while the world is closely following what side effects occur in people who receive the vaccine.

As of Friday, Norway has only used the vaccine developed by “Pfizer” and “Biontech”, and the Scandinavian country is currently working, in cooperation with the two companies, to look into the deaths.

According to the American “Bloomberg” network, the largest European report on the safety of the “Pfizer” and “Biontech” vaccine will be issued by the end of January.

Madsen explained that all of those who died were suffering from several diseases in the first place, and therefore, it cannot be said that they died from the vaccine. “Perhaps it is a coincidence, because it is difficult to prove that the vaccine is the direct cause of death.”

Norway has given at least one dose of the Corona vaccine to about 42,000 people so far, and it has given priority to those who are considered most vulnerable to infection, including the elderly.

But Madsen admitted that the side effects that the body sometimes experiences when taking the vaccine may aggravate the situation of the sick person, but the deterioration is mainly caused by the original disease and not by the vaccine.


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