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It is said that history is written by the victors, and this is an inaccurate analysis except in cases of wars of extermination. As for history, it is a porter, and it is often written by fair people. Let the passion dominate analysis diminish and rationality float.In the history of our generation, we have been stained by the results of the bygone awakening, just as we were struck by what was blown from the care of the Iranian revolution, whose ashes still distort the Iranian interior and its surroundings, but I believe that these two experiences should be written about by those who lived before their emergence, because he is able to limit the extent of the distortion and reactionary dredging that Political Islam resulted in the two movements.

But the experience that our generation has the responsibility to write about is the experience of the Arab Spring project, which was launched in December 2010 in Tunisia, after Tunisia was reduced to the scene of Bouazizi burning himself, and here I do not underestimate his suffering and rights, but the scene of countries is not reduced to Individuals except for a purpose.

And I think that the Arab Spring was linked to 2011 only to the political and human weight of Egypt in the Arab world, and in January of that year, I wanted to leave Egypt after a vacation, and I remember a letter I got about a man who burned himself in Alexandria, reproducing Bouazizi’s experience, and I wondered if he was really looking For overthrowing Mubarak, or was he angry about the general economic atmosphere?

Egypt was already in a state of turmoil, after calls to go out on Police Day, and this was not only a challenge to the regime and police practices, but in part it was a neutralization of the army from the confrontation, and the army on its part witnessed the gradual marginalization of Gamal Mubarak and Ahmed Ezz, and the rest of the businessmen And power then, which has gradually evolved since the 2005 elections.

The introductions were present in several countries to a much greater degree than Egypt. Gaddafi, Bashar al-Assad, or Ali Abdullah Saleh were not democratic rulers who offered a system of social justice, and the citizen at the time could not think of an alternative, through a romantic method drawn by hostile agendas.

The enthusiastic youth and intellectuals did not catch their breath a little to look at the experience of overthrowing Saddam Hussein’s regime, which reached the eighth year at the time, and the Iraqi people at that time only became poorer and emigrated despite the lifting of sanctions, and the Iraqi people are still swallowing the democracy that George Bush Jr. wanted to export. .

The most important thing is that no one paid attention to the danger of dissolving institutions and dismantling the deep state, as Paul Bremer did when dissolving the Baath Party, dismantling the military establishment, and thus opening the door wide open for Iran, in order for it to take revenge on everyone who fought it in the eight-year war. Starting with the national Shiite Iraqi pilots in Basra, all the way to the entry of sectarian exports, which are called in vain the revolution.

The political romance that provided a meal for the enthusiastic youth in the Arab world, issued to them the democracy of political Islam movements, and in vain confirmed the existence of moderate political Islam movements such as the Muslim Brotherhood, and absent from awareness that the difference between the Brotherhood, Hezbollah and al-Qaeda is a difference in technique, but the method is the same, but the intellectual reference for all Terrorist movements and theocratic regimes in the Middle East, such as the Iranian regime, are the writings of Sayyid Qutb and Hassan al-Banna.

I remember a few months after the fall of the Mubarak regime, specifically in 2012, that I met one of the dinosaurs of Saudi intellectuals on the sidelines of the Media Forum in Dubai, and I told him: The Islamists have installed the revolution and the revolution is innocent of them. As a one-way ticket, as Hitler saw it, he replied: Parliaments correct the irregularities in the democratic experience.

I went on with him echoing: Crush to imprison the theory.

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