“Adult life” is on the table for a seminar on culture and “The Forum” – Think and Art – Culture


“The False Lives of Adults” is the title of the novel that formed the topic of discussion in the dialogue session organized by the Culture and Science Symposium, in cooperation with the Forum Salon, by the Italian writer Elena Vizante, and its translation into Arabic, Muawiya Abdul Majid. The session, moderated by Aisha Sultan, hosted the publisher Rana Idris Director of Dar Al Adab for Publishing and translator Muawiya Abdel Majid, in the presence of: Dr. Nadia Bouhanad, writer Fathia El-Nimr, and Zeina Al-Shami.


Aisha Sultan started the session by talking about the novelist Elena Ferranti, who has been writing under a pseudonym since its first publication in 1992, considering that what matters to the reader, publisher or translator, is what was written, not the writer’s personal life. Once they are completed, books do not need their owners. .

In the context of reviewing the factors parallel to the worlds of the novel, Nadia Bouhanad spoke about the adolescence period for both sexes, showing how adolescents have specific characteristics.

Huge writings

The translator, Moaz Abdel-Majid, said: The name chosen by the writer has symbolic connotations, as it is close to the name of the Italian writer Elisa Moranti, a writer who was known in the sixties, and the pseudonym puts the translator in front of several questions. Fathia Al-Nimr mentioned that the novel was characterized by many details, and the author’s focus on the theme of special relationships in the life of the young.



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