“Adraei” responds to “Michel Aoun’s” statement about the sovereignty and independence of his homeland in two pictures, and puts him in an embarrassing position!


Al-Marsad newspaper: Avichai Adraee, the Israeli army spokesman for Arab media, responded to statements made by Lebanese President Michel Aoun regarding Lebanon’s sovereignty on Saturday.

Adraei said in a tweet on his Twitter account on Monday morning: “Commenting on the words of the President of the Republic of Lebanon, Michel Aoun, that“ the Lebanese have no partner in preserving the independence and sovereignty of their homeland, ”we present two pictures.

Adraee published a picture of Qassem Soleimani, the late commander of the Iranian Quds Force, who said that he would be placed on a street in the town of Ghobeiry in the Baabda district of Mount Lebanon Governorate.

The second photo is also of Soleimani, and it was hung on the road to Beirut International Airport.

The Lebanese President Michel Aoun confirmed yesterday that the independence and sovereignty of Lebanon and the decisions it takes are the responsibility of the Lebanese without others, following Iranian statements regarding the missile capabilities in Lebanon and the Gaza Strip.


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