Academic criticizes the design of buildings surrounding the Grand Mosque in Mecca and attacks the Saudi government: Las Vegas ‘vulgar’ taste in Mecca


Dubai, United Arab Emirates (CNN) – The American academic of Lebanese origin, Asaad Abu Khalil, sparked widespread controversy after a tweet in which he criticized the architectural design of the buildings surrounding the Grand Mosque in Saudi Arabia, directing his criticism of Riyadh.

Abu Khalil wrote a tweet on his official Twitter page, on January 14, in which he said: “If I had not had political hostility to the Saudi regime, this would have been enough for me to hostility. Look at the ugliness: setting standards of vulgar taste in Las Vegas buildings over Mecca.” He says.

This tweet sparked hundreds of reactions from Twitter users, and they were divided between an attacking supporter for what he wrote, before Abu Khalil re-posted a tweet of a satirical cartoon about him.

The caricature bears a presumed image of the American-Lebanese academic, and its publisher commented on it by saying: “Abu Zaaboura … you were not your first clothes,” as he put it.

Abu Khalil responded to this drawing after he republished it, saying: “This is supposed to be me. The painter is very good at photographing the blouse,” as he put it.

It is noteworthy that a number of tall buildings of Western design surround the Grand Mosque in Mecca, which was the subject of controversy by some who considered that these buildings corrupt the religious and spiritual character of the holy city for Muslims around the world, while others saw that they gave a modernist shape and a renewed character to the city.


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