“Abu Dhabi Investment” enters into partnerships with “Microsoft” and “Plage & Play”


Emirates News Emirates News Today: «Abu Dhabi Investment» enters into partnerships with «Microsoft» and «Plage and Play» Source of the news – Emirates News Today, with details of the news, «Abu Dhabi Investment» enters into partnerships with «Microsoft» and «Plage and Play»:

Emirates News Today, the Abu Dhabi Investment Office has held separate partnerships with Microsoft and Plage and Play to implement a set of initiatives that provide founders of new companies and entrepreneurs with the necessary tools and resources to successfully expand the scope of their business and achieve their visions and ideas.

A statement issued yesterday stated that, with the aim of maintaining the momentum of the development of the innovation system in the emirate, the Abu Dhabi Investment Office is cooperating with “Microsoft” and “Plage & Play” to empower emerging companies, by providing them with the necessary strategic financing for their main projects, and supporting companies that have potential High growth, and is still in the early stages of its business.

The Abu Dhabi Investment Office will collaborate with Microsoft to launch a series of initiatives within the Microsoft Startups Program, which provides technical and professional support and Azure services for cloud computing, with the aim of accelerating growth opportunities for startups.

Under the agreement, Microsoft will manage a number of programs over five years to support the ecosystem of emerging technology companies in the region. This step will start with the “X Growth Accelerator” program, which focuses on employing local and regional startups to establish and expand their operations in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi, and the “Highway to 100 Unicorns” program, which organizes activities focused on startups.

The statement emphasized that work is underway in the current stage on preparing initiatives for citizens and residents, in addition to university students, which are scheduled to be launched in the coming months.

Dr. Tariq bin Hindi, Director General of the Abu Dhabi Investment Office, said: “We affirm our commitment to strengthening our support for investors and innovators during the year 2021, which is embodied in the new cooperation agreements signed with Tamkeen agencies and programs from around the world, to provide the business community with the necessary funding, relationships and guidance.” Abu Dhabi is well positioned to be the first investment destination for those with creative ideas.

In his turn, General Manager of Microsoft Emirates, Syed Hasheesh, said that the strategic partnership with Abu Dhabi Investment reflects the depth of our commitment to be the global technology partner supporting the growth and development of promising entrepreneurs, and to contribute to establishing businesses and companies that make qualitative shifts in various sectors. By relying on the latest technological innovations, and enabling them to achieve greater achievements and successes.

In addition, Saeed Amidi, founder and CEO of Plage and Play, said, “Thanks to the support provided by the Abu Dhabi Investment Office, and with our growing network of partnerships with some of the most important entities from the public and private sectors, we are confident of the success of our vision in the GCC region. The Gulf Cooperation Council, which aims to build a sustainable and flexible job market for emerging companies, guarantees them opportunities for launch, success and expansion.

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