Abu Dhabi Health Authority adopts new tests to diagnose cases of Covid-19 – Covid-19


The Department of Health Abu Dhabi, the regulator of the health care sector in the emirate, has approved new types of examination that can be used to diagnose cases of Covid-19 virus in emergency departments or urgent care centers of health facilities in the emirate, as the new tests depend on the speed of obtaining results and saving time on Doctors help them to make appropriate decisions about the health care to be provided to patients.

The department clarified that it has approved three new tests that include the “rapid antigen test”, the RT-LAMP test, and the saliva test that can be used in health facilities for children in case it is not possible to obtain a nasal swab.

In detail, the “rapid antigen” examination, which is a procedure performed by obtaining a swab from the nose, helps to detect the antibodies produced by the Covid-19 virus in the patient’s body, which are marked with a dye whose quantity can be measured and thus determining the infection in a period not exceeding Twenty minutes.

As for the RT-LAMP genetic test, it is characterized by its ability to detect virus cases in a very short time compared to the conventional PCR examination, where the examination is done by obtaining a swab from the nose to be placed under isothermal conditions, which helps in obtaining results in a period of time. Short, not exceeding one hour only.

Dr. Jamal Mohammed Al Kaabi, Undersecretary of the Abu Dhabi Department of Health, said: “In the Abu Dhabi Department of Health, we devote our efforts to harness all capabilities so that the health sector in the emirate continues to provide quality and safety emergency health services that meet all the needs of community members. Hence, we adopted a set of tests to diagnose the Covid-19 virus in the emergency departments spread across the emirate based on global updates and the latest scientific developments in detecting the virus.

The nasal swab test, PCR, which is offered in 24 health centers and laboratories in Abu Dhabi and 8 car examination centers, is currently being used, as new tests will be added in emergency departments or urgent care centers in order to speed up the process of obtaining results and contribute to facing the pandemic.



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