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Reham Abdel Ghafour was a guest in the Friday, January 22nd episode of “Live From Duplex” with the famous doll Abla Fajita on the on channel.

Reham Abdel Ghafour spoke with Abla Fahita about many secrets in her artistic and personal life.

FilFan.com presents the most prominent statements of Reham Abdel Ghafour with Abla Fajita in “Duplexes”:

1- Hanan Mutawa, the closest end to me in the artistic community, is trustworthy, and we traveled together at the “Cannes” festival.

2- My mother called her Candle from her childhood because it was sweet and egg, but her original name is Fatima, but we can’t say it.

3- My mother refused to marry me at first because I got to know my husband from a party and he was playing drums as a hobby and I heard that her daughter got married to a drummer, so she slapped.

4- I love the story of a quarter of a carat from the series Una Anna, and misrepresentation is much easier than a comedian.

5- I was dancing worn out and completing it because my brother was accompanying my trainer, and when they swallowed some of the waffles I had.

6- My father, his age, did not talk to anyone, so that I could be better

7 – I went to perform an act from people who do not know what they know, because they did not want me to work before I finish my studies.

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