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When I returned from Britain in the early 1980s, with a PhD in literary criticism and something of the beautiful memories that I lived during my studies there, my dear friend, Dr. Abdullah Al-Ghadhami, who nominated me for the board of directors of the Jeddah Literary Club and its president at that time was the pioneering writer Professor Abdel Fattah Abu Madian, welcomed me. So I attended the first literary event after the issuance of the decision. I was very happy and surprised because I saw a constellation of pioneering Saudi writers that I had been reading to from my earliest years. The professors: Mahmoud Aref, Aziz Zia, Ali Fadak, Muhammad Hassan Faki and Hussein Arab (may God have mercy on them and forgive them) came to that evening. Them), and other writers and intellectuals such as Muhammad Saeed Tayyib, Abdul-Maqsud Khoja (may God heal him) and Muhammad Sadiq Diab (may God have mercy on him). Shortly before the evening begins, then this elegant, tall man who smokes a pipe in a wonderful artistic way, Abu Median said to him: Welcome, Dr. Abdullah, so I turned to Al-Ghadhami, so I understood Abdullah in his ear? He said to me: I introduce you to the writer, writer, Dr. Abdullah Manna, who was at that time chief editor of the magazine “Iqraa”, which he carried on his shoulder to the table of literature, thought and culture to become a cognitive and cultural symbol whose banner was raised by Dr. Abdullah Manna.After that, the meetings with him were repeated in the club, in the Monday, and in the Trinity of Muhammad Sa`id Tayyib, Rabwiya Yahya Tawfiq and in Janadriyah, so sometimes we go together to Riyadh or meet in the hotel or in the cultural activities hall. And his good taste.

Dr. Al-Manaa contributed with his pen to the enrichment of the Saudi arena since the era of the pioneers, and he used to write in various courses from politics to literature to meeting to public affairs to issues of thought and knowledge in a wonderful style and a bright pen and boldness required in truth, and he influenced an entire generation of science, literature and culture.

May God have mercy on Dr. Abdullah Manna a wide mercy. He was devoted to his thought, literature and homeland, and he was one of the symbols of this dear country. May God reward him with the best reward, he is Hearer and Responsible.


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