“Abdullah and Kenzi” Amr Diab is with him on stage at the Dubai Stadium concert (f


10:59 PM

Friday 22nd January 2021

Books – Abdel Fattah Al-Ajami

The plateau, Amr Diab, performed a concert on Friday evening at Dubai International Stadium in the UAE as part of the Dubai Shopping Festival in Sports City.

Instagram leaders shared a video clip of the concert in which the plateau appears next to him, his son Abdullah Diab and his daughter Kenzi Diab, while he sang “Qamarin” which he gave to them in 1999.

“Qamarin”, written by the poet Muhammad Rifai, composed by Sherif Taj, and arranged by Tariq Madkour. It was presented by Al-Hadhba in an album of the same name after the birth of the twins, “Abdullah and Kenzi”, and appeared at the end of the clip kissing twins.

Amr Diab’s concert in Dubai is his first after the release of his new album “Ya Ana Ya La”, and it is also the first for the big star in 2021.

Amr Diab collaborated on his latest album “Ya Ana Ya La” with a number of great composers and poets, most notably Ayman Bahjat Qamar, Tamer Hussein, Turki Al-Sheikh, Khaled Ezz, Muhammad Yahya, Adel Hakki, Maksav and Digital Master Amir Mahrous, recording the voice of Andrew Daoud Sherry Shoukry.

Amr Diab’s new album “Ya Ana Ya La” includes 12 songs, namely: “Ya Ana Ya, No, Mehsud, Thank you, I want to do your costume, drum, make a joke, think of me, Oh love, and I am with you. Beautiful atmosphere. ”


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