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Sports: Abdullah Al-Hamdan approached a penny ...

The Saudi sports channel revealed that Abdullah Al-Hamdan, the star of the Saudi Al-Shabab Club, is close to wearing the Al-Hilal shirt, during the coming period. According to Nasser Al-Shaiban, a reporter

The Saudi sports channel revealed an approach Abdullah Al-HamdanThe star of the Saudi Al-Shabab club, from wearing the Al-Hilal shirt, during the coming period.

According to Nasser Al-Shaiban, the channel’s correspondent, “Abdullah Al-Hamdan, according to the primary sources, is close to Al-Hilal Club in a very large percentage, and in the coming days, that deal will be announced.”

Al-Hamdan entered the free period during which he could sign for any club, amid the desire of major Saudi clubs as well as outside the Kingdom to contract with him.

Al-Hamdan participated in the Al-Shabab and Al-Faisaly draw, with a goal for each in the match that brought the two teams together, today, Tuesday, in the 14th round of the Saudi League.

Khaled Al-Baltan, the youth president, made offensive statements about Al-Hamdan’s negotiations on his club’s YouTube channel, saying: “We made to Abdullah Al-Hamdan an offer estimated at 5 million riyals annually, but he demanded 10 million through his father and his agent.”

He added: “Al-Hamdan scored one goal in 13 rounds, and received 3 warnings, that is, more than the number of his goals in the league, and in the end he asked for a large sum of money, the player refused to sit with us and stuck to the negotiation after entering the 6-month period that allows him to move to any club without returning Our”.

Al-Hamdan rose to play for the youth first team in the 2018/19 season and played 9 matches during which he did not contribute goals, and in the second season of the Saudi League competition, he participated in 18 matches, during which he scored 3 goals and made a goal.

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