Abdo revives in response to rumors of her entering the care: after evil is upon me


Actress Fifi Abdo confronted the rumor of entering the intensive care room in a dangerous condition, confirming that her health condition is stable, and she is still in her home, and she expressed solidarity with the stars of art infected with the Corona virus, sarcastically that the virus will destroy her youth.

Fifi Abdo posted a video in which she sends a message of reassurance to her fans, via Instagram, and commented, “O group in the name of God, may God be pleased, five and five are upon you, Yafufu, oh God, life is not a bane, I respond to those who say that I am in recovery, after the evil on me, if he will God who hates me and never wishes you an idea.

Fifi Abdo published a satirical video clip expressing her suffering due to the spread of the Corona virus, and home isolation, in which she said, “No, God is great, Escosme. No, I say, young people are left without a little when we see the story of Corona and what happens in it, not the best one, salvation, I am my youth like that Go. ”

He stated that Vivi “responded to the desire of her audience to appear in a live broadcast via Instagram, and revealed for the first time the circumstances of her illness, which kept her to bed for a long time, confirming that she had taken an injection that accidentally touched the nerve, and is currently undergoing medical attempts in order to be able to restore a sense of the nerve.”

Fifi Abdo appeared in a video clip via Instagram, lying on the bed of sickness with a pale face without make-up, “Good evening to you from Egypt, the mother of the world … First of all, I thank you for your love and your question, and God bless you with me, I want to tell you I am fine, praise be to God, the Lord of the two Adani, a wrong injection that touched the nerve. This is all, nothing else.

And she added, “Doctors leave me a second nerve, but I am very good and blessed, and I want to reassure all my fans about it, and all the stations that call me in order to make interventions, I am very sorry because I take nerve medications, so I sleep and go at any time and I thank you very much.”

After interacting with her health condition, Fifi came out in another clip to spread joy and eliminate the state of sadness, and promised her fans that she would return to interact again on social networking sites after she recovered from the health ailments she was exposed to, indicating that she will see “Live” in which she dances to her audience during next period.

And she added, “God willing, soon, we will live with you, dance, and wait again, as usual .. They will grow up the subject and awaken to us and wake us up on such a time. God is forbidden to them from these rumors.”


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