Abbas Abu Al-Hassan remembers his archive with this picture


Egyptian actor publishedAbbas Abu Al-HassanAn old picture of him from the scenes of the movie “Mafia” in South Africa, in which he presented the character “The Butcher”, on his own account on the social networking site.
Abu Al-Hassan commented on the picture by saying: “In 2001 – Cape Town – South Africa … filming a movie Mafia: The Butcher speaks his dialogue sentences before filming the scene directly from the director’s assistant Ahmed Alaa (Ahmed Alaa is my dear friend and one of the current most talented film directors).”
Hassan Abu El-Enein, the lawyer for the Egyptian actor and screenwriter, Abbas Abu Al-Hassan, revealed that his client was harassed by a dentist in the name of Samir 3 times during the past 28 years, in an intervention with the journalist Moataz Abdel Fattah as part of the “90 Minutes” program.


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