A written letter revealing the details of the disaster that was planned by “Dhu al-Qarnayn” and those with him


Al-Marsad Newspaper – Agencies: Reuters reported, citing the US federal prosecution, that the Trump supporters were intent on “kidnapping and assassinating elected officials” in the US administration, during the siege and storming of Congress.

This came in a memorandum submitted by the prosecution to the court, in which it also requested the issuance of a warrant for the detention of Jacob Chansley, a resident of Arizona and a promoter of conspiracy theories, whose image has been widely circulated with the fur on his head pinned by two horns.

And monitor Chansley standing over Vice President Mike Pence’s Senate office.

The memo, written by attorneys for the Arizona Department of Justice, went into more detail about the FBI’s investigations into Chansley, revealing that he had left a written note to Pence warning that “it’s just a matter of time.” Justice is coming, ”which implied a threat against the vice president who had rebelled against his boss in recent days.

“Strong evidence, including the words and actions of Chansley himself on the Capitol (Congress), supports the notion that the rioters’ intent was to capture and assassinate elected officials of the United States government,” the prosecution memo said.

Chancley is due to appear in federal court on Friday


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