A violent drop for “Bitcoin” after achieving the record … and the disclosure of its new price


Al-Marsad newspaper – agencies: The prices of the digital currency, Bitcoin, plunged, Thursday, a lot, to lose more than 6 percent of its value, to move further and further away from the record that it broke in early January.

The price per unit of Bitcoin became 33,286 dollars.

Reuters reported that Bitcoin lost 6.2 percent of its value compared to the previous session, on Wednesday, when it was in the range of $ 35,000.

On January 9, the digital currency reached a historic high, when its value exceeded $ 41,000.

Growing demand from institutions and companies and, more recently, individual investors have boosted Bitcoin’s rise, as they are drawn to the prospects of a quick payoff in a world of drastically low returns and negative interest rates.

Despite this tremendous rise, but balanced economic institutions such as the British Financial Supervision Authority have warned investors in this currency of losing all their money.

The Financial Conduct Authority in the United Kingdom said that dealers who invest in the cryptocurrency market “should be prepared to lose all their money”, given that there are many risks hovering around this type of currency.


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