A teacher dies in Jeddah while delivering his lesson on the Madrasati platform – Saudi Arabia News


The morning of Thursday, the eighth of Jumada Al-Akhira, was a date with the pain of the eternal separation of the secondary school of Abdul Rahman Al-Dakhil, affiliated to the Al-Naseem Office in Jeddah’s education, as the school lost one of its teachers after a heart attack, as teacher Ahmed Hassan Al-Zahrani was delivering his lessons on the platform of my school and suddenly the lesson stopped with the heart of teacher Ahmed Hassan Zahrani. Al-Zahrani fell next to his device, and his family carried him to the hospital, but the fate was faster and he died.

Al-Zahrani, who had served in the field of education for 26 years and father of four children, was kind-hearted, pure-hearted, as described by his co-workers. They added that he was dedicated in his work and was most concerned with raising the level of students and creating a practical environment for studying his subject.

For his part, the school’s media coordinator, teacher Khaled Al-Zahrani, explained that Thursday was not normal for him and his colleagues. When we received the shocking news of the death of a moral colleague, Professor Ahmed Al-Zahrani, of a heart attack while explaining his lesson in chemistry on the platform of my school, we were in a great psychological shock, as we lost a grace of our fellow man, but God forbid and he did not want it. He pointed out that the deceased was united by fellowship and friendship, as he had good morals and joy of the soul and was keen on his work, students and dedication to his work.

In turn, the director of the school, Khaled Al-Raigi, said that they were distressed by the news of the death of their colleague Ahmed Al-Zahrani, who moved next to his Lord on Thursday morning, describing the deceased as sincere, devoted and loving good to all the school’s employees, including teachers and students.


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