A suspicious decision … Othman is teaching his officers and officers the Turkish language


Amidst the events taking place in Lebanon, the General Directorate of the Internal Security Forces announced, in a “suspicious” decision, the holding of online training courses in the Turkish language.The following is the full text of the telegram:

In cooperation with the Turkish Embassy in Lebanon, at a rate of 15 / to 20 / elements for each batch, a period of / 72 hours at a rate of / 6 / hours per week divided into two days from 10 am to 1 pm or from 5 pm and 8 o’clock on each training day.

Therefore, the following is required: First: You are asked, in relation to the circular for officers and personnel wishing to pursue this course, to send the following information:
Name and surname
– Rank
– The nickname number
– Telephone number
-E-mail address
– Timing of subscription (morning or evening)

Via the following email: [email protected] Before 2/10/2021

Second: The training days and times in which the course will be held will be determined by the Training Center at the Turkish Embassy, ​​and the trainees will be informed personally.

Third: A request from the Internal Security Forces Institute unit to assign a coordinating officer for these courses and deposit the name to the General Directorate – Training Division, according to the information
Required subject matter first, until 2/5/2021.


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