A study reveals skin signs indicating infection with Corona … know it


Follow-up – Raneem Raafat Al Hoshi:

In light of the excruciating spread of the new Corona virus around the world. New studies continue to find new information about the disease. A study conducted by October 12 University Hospital in the Spanish capital, Madrid. In cooperation with members of the Salamanca Clinic. About new symptoms of Covid-19 infection.

The hospital director said: “Five different types of skin manifestations were recorded. Eleven of them are ischemic or swollen fingers lesions. And nine rashes. And sensitive. And a hives-like rash, two are indeterminate. ”

A Spanish doctor supervising the study explained. The presence of the virus in the epidermal cells of the epidermis. It activates the mechanisms of inflammation that cause skin lesions.

It is reported that most of the skin lesions and rashes appear. It was found during the study in the feet and lower extremities of the body.


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