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“Lord is harmful and beneficial” Perhaps this old saying applies to the issue of infection with the Coronavirus, as it seems that your infection will give you a protective shield for 8 months and maybe more.

A study published in the journal Science demonstrated that the human body maintains a strong immune response after infection with the coronavirus, lasting at least eight months after infection, and perhaps for much longer.

The study also found, according to what was reported by “The Washington Post” that about 90 per cent of patients who underwent this trial showed stable and stable immunity.

That answer or proof comes after he filled this basic question about immunity and the possibility of reinfection, and after how much time, hundreds of researchers about science.

In addition, a review of blood samples from nearly 200 patients who underwent this study showed that multiple elements of the immune system – not just antibodies – continued to be very effective in identifying and responding to the virus.

And it indicated that the human body retains the memory of the invaders, and is therefore ready to coordinate a rapid counter-attack in the face of deadly bodies and T cells if exposed to them again!

It is noteworthy that this epidemic that has swept the world since December 2019, has so far infected more than 87.42 million people, while the total number of deaths resulting from the virus has reached one million and 888982 deaths.

The virus has reached more than 210 countries and regions since the first cases were discovered in the Chinese city of Wuhan.


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