A statement from the security forces on ‘details of yesterday’s events in front of the Serail in Tripoli’


The General Directorate of Internal Security Forces – Public Relations Division issued the following communication: After the tragic and unfortunate events that took place in the city of Tripoli on Lille 1-27-2021, and to prevent any interpretation or distortion of the events that took place, the General Directorate of the Internal Security Forces is interested in clarifying the following:

At 15:45, a number of citizens gathered in front of the Serail of Tripoli to protest the deteriorating economic and living conditions and the general closure.

The escalation began by some of the participants in the demonstration by throwing stones and burning the guard room of the Serail and the inspection door with gasoline, and the rioting increased when a number of young men attempted to enter the Palace of Justice and took off the main gate and began throwing stones at the officers and vehicles in front of the Serail.

Around 17:00, a number of them broke down the lighting lamps and took off the garage of the new Palace of Justice leading to the entrance to the cars, and until that hour the force in charge of maintaining security and order did not respond to the breach of security, until they began throwing a huge number of Molotov cocktails and a large number of Crackers and stones on the items inside the Serail.

Then the officers sprayed water and threw tear gas canisters to keep the rioters away and prevent them from entering the Serail, and at this time the sound of several unidentified shots was heard near one of the buildings next to it.

And the attacks continued in this manner until 20.45 hours, when / 200 / people of the demonstrators stormed the Serail, threw Molotov cocktails, burned and destroyed the cars and vehicles parked inside the parking lot, then the force again fired tear gas canisters to remove them from the yard.

At 21.15, the demonstration square turned into a battlefield in the fullest sense of the word, as the rioters continued to throw Molotov cocktails, which reached more than 300 bombs, and then / 3 / Russian-made war bombs were thrown towards the entrances to the Serail and the main square, which exploded / 2 / As a result, a number of officers and personnel were injured, and a number of vehicles were damaged.

Then, the force in charge of maintaining security and order took escalating, legitimate and proportionate measures according to the laws in force (Article 221 of Law 17) to legitimately defend the lives of the elements, centers and places who are guarding them, by firing fire in the air as a warning and carrying out the dispersal operation, however some insisted on the attack On the operatives, which forced them to shoot defensively in order to preserve their lives, and at the same time, several unknown-source shots were fired from outside the Serail.

The security forces regretted the riots, assaults and criminal acts that resulted in the death and injuries among the citizens and the injury of / 41 / officers and officers. / 12 / of them were injured as a result of throwing grenades, including severe injuries and under medical supervision, knowing that the forces Security is not responsible for the deterioration of the economic and living conditions in Lebanon, especially in Tripoli. Rather, it remains the hope and guarantee – at this critical and sensitive stage – for the security, freedoms and rights of citizens, along with other military and security institutions, in order to reach a better tomorrow.

It warns those who violate security not to attack public and private property and the security forces ’members and positions, and that they will be forced to use all legitimate means in accordance with the laws in force in order to preserve the stability and security of society and citizens.

The investigation is underway under the supervision of the competent judiciary.


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