A “romantic” initiative from a beautiful wife ends with a “tragedy”


Turkey recently witnessed a strange incident of its kind, where a husband poured boiling water on his wife’s back, after she woke him up, and brought him breakfast to his bed.

According to the British newspaper “Daily Star”, the initiative of the “romantic” wife, Ruqaya, 23, who brought breakfast to her husband’s bed, had a tragic end, after her 28-year-old husband Ali Aye poured boiling water on her back.
The boiling water caused severe burns in the back area, after which, she was transferred to the hospital.
Local media quoted Ruqaya as saying that she prepared breakfast for the husband to take in his bed as a surprise to him, but the latter felt anger after waking him from his sleep.
The wife indicated that the husband followed her after she left him alone, and poured boiling water on her back, until the clothes were attached to the burned area.
According to Ruqaya, the wife committed the act while she left him alone in the bedroom, and went to breakfast with her daughter, whose foot was also burned.
She added that she lost consciousness due to the pain, but woke up at the time when the husband started dragging her to the bathroom, where she escaped from it and sought help from neighbors who called the police.
The Turkish police arrested the husband, but he was later released on bail, which sparked widespread anger on social media, and prompted the authorities to send him back to prison.


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