A resounding disaster threatens the future of victory because of what happened behind the scenes


Majid Muhammad (echo):

Today, Sunday, Saud Al-Sarrami, the former official spokesman for Al-Nasr Club, called on club administrations not to obtain millions of loans from banks in order to deal with emergency crises.

“Some club administrations return to banks to obtain loans worth millions of riyals with great interest and for a long period that must be rejected by the Ministry of Sports,” Al-Sarami said.

And one of the banks in the Kingdom had refused a loan request submitted by one of the capital’s clubs in the amount of 50 million riyals, which is what the sports street indicated that what is meant is Al-Nasr Club, due to the decision of the Financial Efficiency Committee of the Football Association, to prevent Al-Nasr from obtaining a certificate of financial competence that allows them to make contracts In the winter transfer period, as Al-Nasr is obligated to pay an amount exceeding 76 million riyals, which is the remaining amount until December 31.

Al-Nasr threatens not to take advantage of the deadline of the Ministry of Sports to obtain the Financial Proficiency Certificate, which expires next Thursday.


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