A rare triple conjunction between the planets of Jupiter, Saturn and Mercury decorates the evening of Egypt in a beautiful scene


A triple conjunction between the planets of Jupiter, Saturn and Mercury is monitored in the sky of Egypt and the Arab world, this evening, Sunday, in the southwest horizon about 45 minutes after sunset, and the three planets will form a small triangle and there may be a need to use telescope to see this conjunction, given that the planets will be low on the horizon And the horizon should be completely exposed without obstacles such as buildings.

Jupiter will fall directly above Saturn Although the brightness of Saturn is equal to the brightness of a star of the first order – like the brightness of the brightest stars in our sky – the planet with rings cannot compete with Jupiter, which is about 11 times superior to it, so Jupiter is the fourth brightest celestial body, after The sun, moon, and Venus, respectively, will see Mercury to the upper left of Saturn (for the observer).

The last time it observed a conjunction between three planets was in October 2015, when Jupiter, Venus and Mars were organized into a similar planetary triad.

It is worth noting that, day after day, Jupiter and Saturn will descend towards the sunset site, and in return Mercury will rise away from the light of the sunset.

Note: The content of this news was written by the seventh day It does not express a point of view Egypt today Rather, it was transferred with its content as it is from the seventh day We are not responsible for the content of the news and the custody of the previous source mentioned.


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