A rare phenomenon of the moon surrounded by a celestial rainbow halo was spotted (photo)


I captured a stunning image of the moon surrounded by a multi-colored halo as the light reflected off the silver surface was split by water molecules in the air.

Italian photographer Alberto Gizi Paniza, 45, got this rare phenomenon near Parma, in northern Italy.

The phenomenon is known as the lunar corona, which occurs when the light reflected from the moon is divided by water particles or ice crystals in the air, and the natural moon appears surrounded by a wide circle in the colors of the rainbow.

Photographer Paniza said: “I have seen this phenomenon many times, but I was not able to photograph it.”

He pointed out that being at home for the lockdown caused by the “Covid-19” pandemic means that he has the equipment he needs to shoot hundreds of shots of the orb.

The photographer spent about two hours filming this phenomenon. He added, “This time, seeing it from the house for lockdown, I had all the necessary equipment to better capture this moment.”

He continued: “Between 10 pm and 12 am, I took a few hundred pictures of the moon, which created a halo, a rainbow and a wreath between clouds and the veil.”

The photo clearly captured the craters of the moon as they were covered in a large colored ring. The stunning image appeared in an almost clear sky, with a few tufts of clouds in the atmosphere.

Adding to this effect, the stars can be seen shining from within the rainbow after Banisa’s camera captured every detail of the night sky.

Source: Daily Mail

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