A price you would not expect … The muzzle of Mohammed bin Salman at the Gulf summit is of interest to the Saudis


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A number of Saudi reports have referred to the muzzle with which the Saudi Crown Prince, Prince Mohammed bin Salman, appeared during the 41st Gulf Summit, which was held in Al-Ula.

According to the Saudi sites, the muzzle is manufactured in South Korea, and it is lightweight, with a weight of 5 grams, and its nanofibre filter, consisting of 3 layers, provides protection and high efficiency in filtration and ventilation.

The three-dimensional design prevents the inhalation of fine dust efficiently, and the muzzle is highly stable when wearing, and the price comes to $ 28 (105 riyals).

On the other hand, Prince Mohammed bin Salman appreciated in his speech the efforts made by Kuwait and the United States to heal the rift between the countries of the region.

In his speech, he said, “These efforts led to reaching the Al-Ula statement agreement that will be signed at this summit, in which emphasis was placed on Gulf, Arab and Islamic solidarity and stability, and the strengthening of bonds of friendship and brotherhood between our countries and peoples in a way that serves their hopes and aspirations.”

Prince Muhammad bin Salman announced the launch of the name “Sultan Qaboos and Sheikh Sabah Summit” at the Al-Ula summit, in gratitude for the great work they had done over decades in support of the march of the Gulf Cooperation Council.


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