A player comments on a “banana microphone” on a quick goal that he scored 10 seconds after entering the stadium (video)


Player hangs across


Monaco player Alexander Golovin said that the victory was more important to him than the speed of the goal he scored against Lorient (2-5) yesterday, Wednesday, in the 18th round of the French Football League.

Golovin entered the field in the 64th minute, and after only 10 seconds, he scored the second goal for his team with a great shot in the far right corner, after the Russian national team star had been absent from the stadium since last August, due to injury.

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Video .. a player comes back after 4 months and scores after 10 seconds

“I don’t care that I scored so quickly. It is important for me to win the game. We have to win and win and win every match,” Golovin said while returning on the plane with his colleagues who gave an interview and used bananas instead of the microphone.

The Monaco account published the video clip, commenting on it: “He is usually always angry, but now he is happy!”

It is reported that 24-year-old Alexander Golovin scored three goals during the last season (2019-2020), which did not finish due to the outbreak of the Corona epidemic, and made four goals.

Source: Agencies


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