A new update for Chrome gives users additional features


A new update for Chrome gives users additional features

Google recently announced the launch of a new update for the Chrome 88 browser, which is able to work with various types of computers, phones and smart devices.

According to experts at Google, the new update carried many new features to Chrome users. For browser users with Windows-10 systems, the browser’s dark mode features improved, and new dark sliders appeared, while Chrome OS users got new features for the browser’s quick settings. .

With this new version, Google disabled some old technologies in its browser, such as FTP protocols, and the Adobe Flash player also disappeared from the browser, and the Tab Search feature was added.

With this update, Chrome users, through Windows, iOS, and Chrome OS, can set their Internet passwords faster and more easily, and the browser also alerts the user if he uses weak passwords.

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Late last year, Google launched new updates for users of its browser via smart devices as well, and in these updates corrected software flaws that could be exploited to penetrate Android phones.

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