A new identity, the explosion of Siyach and the German duo … Reasons qualifying Tuchel to succeed with Chelsea


Frank Lampard’s era is finally over ChelseaAnd this page was closed with everything in it, to start a new page with the German coach Thomas Tuchel, amid a state of questions about the possibility of his success.

Some prefer to be optimistic because of Tuchel’s experience with Dortmund, and the boom he made with the team before the departure of club legend Jurgen Klopp.

What also reinforces this is his success at the domestic level with Paris Saint-Germain and leading the team to the Champions League final, which they lost to Bayern Munich last year.

On the other hand comes pessimism, due to the confrontational nature of the German, which ousted him from Dortmund, and ended his trip with Paris in the middle of the season.

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Tuchel’s appointment was a risk to the Russian owner, Roman Abramovich, but the winds of change have many positive aspects inside the London club.

German duo blast

Werner Havertz

The main deal For Chelsea Last summer, she had signed a contract with Café Havertz from Leverkusen, at a value of 80 million euros, but he failed to prove himself.

The young German has only scored once with the Blues in the Premier League and scored 3 goals, and is considered one of the worst players in the team this season.

It’s not just about numbers, but Havertz’s modest level has left him on the bench in many matches and raised doubts about the deal’s failure.

Timo Werner’s suffering is no less serious than his fellow countryman, where he moved to Chelsea Last summer, amid ambitions about an end to the English team’s outspoken striker crisis.

Lampard used to involve the player as a winger in many matches, causing his level to collapse as he scored only 4 goals in 19 league matches.
Tuchel may be able to deal with the German duo, by communicating with them better, and also to understand the nature of the German player according to his distinctive experience with Borussia Dortmund.

How about Pulisic?


And when it comes to Dortmund, we must mention Christian Pulisic, who previously played with Tuchel at the German club before moving to Chelsea.

The Blues contracted with the player in order to compensate for Eden Hazard’s departure from the team, which has not happened so far, because the American winger appears to be far from the level of his Belgian counterpart.

The opportunity to work with Tuchel allows Polisic to develop, especially since it was the 47-year-old who made his debut in Dortmund on January 30, 2016.

The 22-year-old had previously said about Tuchel: “I am grateful for what Tukhil did with me. He gave me full confidence and gave me the opportunity, and he did not hesitate to give advice every time he saw me with the exercises.”

Thiago Silva is also an important element in Chelsea, and he has a good relationship with Tukhil, according to what was confirmed by his agent Paulo Tonito before his departure from Paris Saint-Germain.

Silva’s agent had previously told the French newspaper L’Equipe: “The sports director and coach should walk together in the club. This was not the case in Paris. Tuchel wanted Thiago to continue, but Leonardo rejected this idea.”


Thomas Tuchel Thiago Silva PSG

The poor results were not the only reason behind the departure of Lampard from Chelsea, but rather differences with many players within the team, such as Marcus Alonso, according to some English reports.

Tuchel has worked with Thiago Silva and Pulisic in the past, as well as making it easier for him to communicate with Werner and Havertz, will make things easier for him at Stamford Bridge.

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The German coach is good at handling and controlling the stars, and this is clearly shown in Paris Saint-GermainWith his good dealings with Neymar, Kylian Mbappe, Marco Verratti and other big stars in the French club.

Comparing the names at Chelsea, we will find that things are not difficult for the 47-year-old to manage the team and maintain its stability in the first weeks in order to correct the course.

Offensive identity

Hakim Ziyech

Chelsea clearly suffered after the departure of Jose Mourinho, due to the absence of identity from the team, as he appeared in a state of confusion to decide how he would play.

The balanced way in which Chelsea appeared with Conte led the team to winning the league, but the departure of the Italian caused the arrival of his compatriot Maurizio Sarri, who did not succeed as well because his style did not match with the London club.

Lampard’s youth project sent some optimism into the hearts of the Blues fans, but he was unable to translate his ideas into results on the field.

Tuchel has all the tools to apply his offensive style, with Mason Mount, Hakim Ziyech, Havertz, Werner, Tammy Abraham, Ben Chilwell, Reese James and others, and he has the financial resources to support in order to strengthen the defense line.

Ziash, in particular, is able to succeed in the best possible way and show his best under Tuchel, because of the freedom he is expected to obtain with the German coach.

The task is not easy, but the German’s experience makes his success rate greater than his failure, but this is what will determine the coming days. The competition seems difficult for Premier League AndChampions LeagueBut with the frenzy of this season, nothing can be ruled out.


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